Joris Iven





Time and again the houses have occupied me. I have given them everything,

water, warmth, light. Iíve freely given them my sweat. I have granted them

all rest, even when I myself was restless. I have improved them and forsaken

them. They have seduced me and forgotten me. Our first house had

windows of leaded glass and laburnum on the balcony. Our second house

had a bay window that looked out onto a quay. Iíd wanted to spend hours at

that bay window, perhaps with a symphony by Gustav Mahler in the

background. I have seen people walk by where water once flowed. I retained

their gestures. I spoke a language that I dreamed. Then a time came

when I excluded all houses from me. During those years I lost myself.

In our third house we were born anew. in our fourth house we met

the blood of our dearest deceased. Since then each house has brought me

closer to death, even this empty house of glass that I still am to occupy.




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